In the restaurant of La Terrazza sulla Rupe, the day begins with the sweet melody of breakfast. The most important meal is inaugurated with a wide selection of Italian and international delicacies and with plenty of hot beverages to choose from, such as aromatic coffee and fragrant teas, while fresh pastries and local products served at the buffet will delight the palates of guests, both young and old.

Adjacent to the restaurant, "Piazzetta Nonna Gina" is a cozy corner where guests can enjoy breakfast in a more intimate setting. Here, you can admire the panorama from the terrace, both outdoors and indoors, while the sweet warmth of the morning sun caresses your soul and warms the environment.

Lunchtime transforms into a true stage for the authentic flavors of Puglia. The à la carte menu, created daily by the chef of the establishment, celebrates the dishes of the Puglian culinary tradition: it is a culinary experience where fresh and local ingredients come together to create dishes that tell the story of this land.

A true celebration of tradition and love for good food, expressed through a variety of offerings, like a feast for the senses, ready to delight with every bite. Like a guiding thread, the elegance of the surroundings blends with the natural beauty that surrounds the structure, uniting tradition with modernity and creating a welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.