Fasano Zoo Safari

An Adventure for Young and Old

During your stay at La Terrazza della Rupe, don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the largest and renowned wildlife parks in Europe, Fasano Zoo Safari, just 30 km from the Masseria.

Imagine driving your car through breathtaking landscapes, getting up close to fascinating creatures such as lions, tigers, elephants, and giraffes. After the thrilling car adventure, you can continue your exploration on foot, immersing yourself in the fascinating world of primates, from the gorilla Riù to the energetic chimpanzees and playful lemurs. Let's not forget the pristine alpacas, lycaons sand various species of large birds.

Your journey continues with a panoramic monorail that takes you to the Great Mammals Lake, where you can observe seals, hippos, gibbons and bears.

If you love reptiles, the Tropical Room is the place to be: here, you will find a wide variety of reptiles, fish and invertebrates, from turtles to alligators.

In the Madagascar Room, you will have the opportunity to experience an interactive adventure, discovering biological specimens and animals typical of Madagascar in a natural environment. The Educational Center offers various educational paths for you, such as a botanical walk and a miniature reproduction of the beauties of Puglia.

Don't miss the Turtle Corner, a place dedicated to the recovery of these fascinating creatures. Finally, at the Sea Lion Aquarium, you can learn all about sea lions and penguins, thanks to training sessions guided by the trainers.

For our young guests, adjacent to the zoo, there is Fasanolandia, a magical amusement park with rides and attractions. But Zoo Safari is not just about fun: it actively engages in conservation and research, working to protect endangered species and offering events and educational experiences to deepen knowledge of the animal world.

If you want to know more, our staff will be happy to provide additional details and assist you in planning your visit. Ask at the reception for more information and enjoy a day of nature and adventure!

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